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Where to Eat in Dagupan City

When traveling near Dagupan City, Pangasinan, “Bangus Capital” of the Philippines, the best place to eat is at House of Bangus by Mr. Dagupeño - home of the ultimate Bangus dining experience.


A cozy restaurant that cleverly uses popular Filipino-favorite dishes as inspiration for its “twists” in cooking Dagupan Bangus, House of Bangus brings a wow factor to anyone’s local food experience as it satisfies people’s cravings and feeds their curiosity at the same time. 


It’s the first-ever Bangus Specialty restaurant in Pangasinan where you’ll get to feast on chef-made dishes that are one-of-a-kind, richly flavored and reasonably priced, such as  Bangus Kare-Kare, Crispy Bangus Sisig, Bangus Cordon Bleu and Sinigang na Bangus ni Eba (Sinigang with Watermelon). 

House of Bangus Marketing Picture

This is where you’ll also find the all-time Filipino comfort food, Classic Inihaw na Bangus with Kamatis at Sibuyas, boneless and “walang kaliskis”. To make it even more interesting, their Inihaw na Boneless Bangus comes with a variety of Twists (Bistek, Inasal, Gata, Spicy Ala Pobre). More Bangus choices can be explored from their menu, together with other delectable seafood and meat options.


Conveniently located minutes away from the busy city center of Dagupan, House of Bangus opened its doors in December 2022. A game-changer in the local restaurant scene, it has succeeded in capturing the hearts and discerning taste buds of locals and tourists alike, giving them a chance to rediscover the versatility of Dagupan Bangus through its menu.


Following Mr. Dagupeño’s success, House of Bangus carries the same winning approach to addressing the need for healthier and tastier ready-to-eat food. More significantly, it elevates “the customer journey” to a whole new level through an expanded menu, offering fresh and creative choices for dining enthusiasts who love to bond over great food while enjoying a restaurant’s nice ambiance.


House of Bangus takes pride in the superior taste of Dagupan Bangus as its main local ingredient. It maximizes the potential of this world-renowned milkfish by adding a touch of culinary brilliance, providing a unique and memorable dining experience that resonates with all Filipinos - whether they are Pangasinenses or from different regions, local residents or balikbayans. It’s even perfect for travelers and foreigners seeking to explore Filipino cuisine. 

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